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For approach between/among various partners in Albania and abroad , respectively with over-crossing interests with VASS-MED

Analyzing one product or groups of products according to known classification and farmakopeia , in relation with the Albanian market.

Data-processing for a product or a group of products and their orientation toward the market by accomplishing the brand and extension in preliminary determined groups.

Suggestions , evaluations and decisions regarding the real value that the product or groups of products should have in the Albanian market, by guaranteeing the product minimal life-cycle of 5 years.

Acceptance , explication , processing , evaluation , fulfillment , application, attendance and termination of product registration process in competent governmental institutions .

6.Market research
For all products micro and macroeconomic research, respectively micro and macro-pharmaceutical.

Collection and systematization of data by randomly chosen consumer groups and target groups to see the effects and extension of the product.

8.Brief start-up.
Evaluation of start-up costs and short term costs and revenues.

9.Collection and data-processing.

Different events like: presentations, symposium, conferences, congresses, work-shops, seminars, fairs, etc, for target groups on the behalf of our client.

11.Promotional materials
Preparation of different promotional materials including idea, kind, design, form, etc, to realize PULL effect of product or brand.
Selection and branding of valuable products to realize PUSH effect of product or brand.

12.Business plan.
For all companies interested in implementing and developing directly their business by cooperating with VASS-MED in one or more segments as indirect mutual partner.

13.Pre-marketing studies and plans.

14.Marketing and sales plans.
Detailed plans for one or a group of products by making several medium or long term analyses ( for ex.: SWOT , market share analysis ,etc ).

Planning and realization of different projects regarding one product or a group of products in press and other media.


17.Human Researches
Different position staff research for our clients and partners.

18.Transferable collaboration
Cooperation in specific medical and pharmaceutical field with one or a group of clients/partners or governmental structures with specific grants for investigation, study, and analyzing purposes regarding the respective needs.

Consults in the field of pharmaceutical and medical business with the purpose of realizing projects or specific plans for interested client/partners.

20.Exit survey
-Exit patient
-Exit doctor
-Exit pharmacist

21.Clinical trials
For mono or combined therapies.

22.Personnel trainings
For all our clients who need to improve the knowledge and skills of their personnel in marketing, promotion and sales fields.

23.Professional education
For all the professional personnel in private and public sector of the pharmaceutical and medical field.

Different publications with invitation for participation and cooperation.

25.Environment Risks evaluation.



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