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Becoming aware of the high increasing potential of the Albanian pharmaceutical market and by adapting its specific needs, in November 2007 was founded the privately owned Company Vass-Med LLC as a unique association for Marketing , Promotion and Intermediation , covering all commercial, regulatory and technical aspects.
Its foundation was initiated by founders with a long experience in Management of pharmaceutical companies, by engaging a specialized and professional staff ,who have been active for years in the pharmaceutical market, to give an impulse and an immediate value to its activity.
Our Mission is to offer to every pharmaceutical company Marketing, Promotion and Representation of products by rationalizing their cost-effectiveness. Our company aims to supply the market in amount and quality with medicines according to therapeutic groups with costs appropriate to the living standard of the Albanian society.
Our Philosophy is believing that the virtues, professionalism and values of our staff will enable our partners to feel proud and evaluated for what we together offer to the consumer .The image our partners transmit through us is in coherent symbiosis with us, by transmitting it toward the consumer.
Our job is entering the market and developing continuously all interested parties, through promoting in an efficient way all the categories of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Our approach is to provide solutions specific to your requirements, with the aim of maximizing value and profitability.
We highlight the real value of pharmaceutical products by implementing our KNOW-HOW system and investing continuously in human resources.
Our aim is a long term partnership with interested parties in distribution and production by accomplishing the highest international standards.
Professionalism, loyalty and confidence are emphasized in our agreements with CLIENTS. So far we have signed long- term representation contracts and agreements for specific products that we offer, with some clients from the Region and EU.
We offer a vast range of Inductive and Deductive products with predicted Matrix Results according to respective interests of the CLIENTS.


We give to medicines the deserved value.



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NIPT: K 72326019 J

Bank Acc. No: RZB 2902987471 (EUR), 2901987471 (ALL)

ALPHA 902019123000328733 (EUR)

BKT 402345998 (EUR)

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